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Our Mission
At, we promote the Oil-Protein Diet by Lothar Hirneise. He is worldwide the only person who is for almost 20 years teaching the ORIGINAL Oil-Protein Diet from Dr. Johanna Budwig AND learned it directly from the famous German "Flaxseed Lady". Additional he wrote one book together with Dr. Budwig (Cancer - the problem and the solution) and published the book Oil-Protein Diet cookbook with / for her. He is also the only person with whom Dr. Budwig did several speeches together. He teached and is still teaching the ORIGINAL Oil-Protein Diet from Dr. Johanna Budwig. In his famous German Budwig Center ( he proofed in many cases, how successful the ORIGINAL Oil-Protein Diet even can help very ill patients (see also:

Our offer to you
We offer different packages like worldwide copyrights for books from Dr. Johanna Budwig and Lothar Hirneise, certificates for flaxseed oils, Original ELDI Oils, Oil-Protein Diet seminars, training to become an Oil-Protein Diet consultant and much more. Please write to us if you are interested.

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